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BE MY VOICE Series … Part 1 of 5

    “Set an example for others in speech, in lifestyle, in relationships, in faith and in purity.”

    I Timothy 4:11

    Let your life speak are four ‘power-filled’ words. They speak of our influence being more than words alone. Our lives also speak through the way we interact with people, live our lives, express our love for God and order our private world. The whole of our life gives voice, influencing everyone our lives touch.

    The best of influencers inspire people. They are refreshing to be around. They add something to others by who they are and how they live. The poorest of influencers affect others through their negativity and take things away; still others have a contrary spirit and become divisive. The best of Influencers are different. They overwhelm others with optimism, possibilities and certainties. They are not afraid of the future and it shows. They create a better environment depositing faith, hope and love in those around them. They inspire people to understand the good life is not only about what is seen but give them reason to think differently about what is unseen. They inspire people to know God and put their trust in Him. The greatest of influencers understand the whole of their life speaks.

    Influencers of this calibre are vital to the greater good of humanity, societal health everywhere and to the eternal well-being of individuals.  This is why Gods’ invitation to “be My voice” matters. The greatest of influencers have accepted God’s invitation.


    How can this be O God that Your plan includes me playing such an important role in causing others to become better? How can it be that you want to use me to cause the world to become a better place to live? Your invitation to ‘be My voice’ is humbling and invigorating.  I hear Your voice and thank you that with the invitation comes provision! Amen.

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