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BE MY VOICE Series … Part 2 of 5

    “Set an example for others in speech, in lifestyle, in relationships, in faith and in purity.”

    I Timothy 4:11

    God has a voice! Francis Schaeffer began his 1976 book, How Should We Then Live with the premise, “God is here and He is not silent”. Schaeffer’s point is that God has a voice and wants to communicate with the people He created. Relationship and conversation work together! God wants both.

    The voice of God carries a tone of urgency. Interestingly the word ‘voice’ in the original language of the Scriptures means – “a sound, as in calling out an urgent message”. God wants us to hear His voice and to be His voice because He has something important to say through us. This eagerness for us to be His voice is revealed in Isaiah 50:4 – 

    “The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue

    to know the word that sustains the weary.”

    Life is fatiguing for more people than we might be aware of. While pandemics, tragic accidents and a personal crisis can be fatiguing; for some there is a deeper, invisible weariness that looms large beneath the surface. God sees both and speaks through with the tone of “I see, I care, I act”. 

    Do you know people who are weary? God wants to deposit in you the kind of message that carries sustaining power. He wants you to be His voice.  He wants your life to speak out the tone of His genuine care for people through your words, your attitudes and your actions. God is waiting for you to accept His invitation, ‘be My voice’. 


    Weariness is something I know about. The weariness life brings at times is so hard. I know too, what it feels like to walk and not faint. Thank you, O God, for being a sustaining presence in my life. What I have received I want to pass on to others. Help me to hear Your voice. Help me to be Your voice! Amen. 

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