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BE MY VOICE Series … Part 3 of 5

    “Set an example for others in speech, in lifestyle, in relationships, in faith and in purity.”

    I Timothy 4:11

    If we are going to be God’s voice we have to hear His voice. The problem is there are many voices seeking our attention not all of which invite us to be the best of influencers.

    Charles Colson in his book, The Good Life, speaks of two paths. One path leads to the pursuit of a good but lessor life; the other path leads to a good and abundant life. While humanity is born with a desire to live a full and good life, it is apparent that not all achieve it. The power, Colson says, ‘is in the choosing’. Human experience itself teaches happiness does not depend on how easy or hard ones’ life is, rather, it is the choices made in the midst of our experiences that are the determining factor. 

    One challenge we face in our life journey is the pull of lessor things which speak so loud at times they become distractions to hearing God’s voice. Take speed of life for example. The more activity we allow into our lives the greater our load and the heavier the burden becomes. Load and speed of life are connected demanding more of our time. Unless we choose to manage our time well the ‘noise’ of increased speed and load becomes a distraction to hearing God’s voice. God rarely shouts to be heard above the noise we allow into our lives.  

    There is only one solution to this challenge, we must eliminate distracting noises. Spiritual directors have this practical suggestion regarding elimination.  “Calendarizing” space in our days opens the way for us to hear the still, quiet, whisper of God’s voice. Slowing is the starting point to our being the sustaining voice God hopes in a world full of noise and the consequent weariness it brings.  

    (NOTE: Ruth Haley Barton is a spiritual director who offers guidance in learning how to slow and hear. Her book published in 2022 titled, Embracing Rhythms of Work and Rest is a good place to start.)


    Slowing is hard Lord. The demands of life are loud and noisy. I know these are distractions to enjoying time with You. Help me create enough space to hear your voice. I want to hear, for I know Your desire is to sustain me in my weariness. And Lord, I want to be Your life-giving voice to my family, friends and those you bring into my world! Amen. 

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