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BE MY VOICE Series … Part 4 of 5

    “Set an example for others in speech, in lifestyle, in relationships, in faith and in purity.”

    I Timothy 4:11

    How does royalty move through a crowd? Royalty moves with poise, deliberation and confidence because they know who they are. Identity matters, it affects how we move through life.

    Scripture refers to followers of Christ as being “chosen…royal priests…a holy nation…God’s special possession that we might SHOW Him”. (I Peter 2:9). The language of this scripture reveals how God sees us. Our identity is revealed here. We are special in God’s eyes. In addition we have a special assignment. Our assignment is to put God on display.  

    Being a royal priest is not a job title but rather a statement of identity. As sons/daughters of God, we, by adoption became members of the royal family of God.  For this reason, we have been given the responsibility to speak and act like royalty. We do this as royal priests ‘re-presenting’ God to people AND representing people to God through our prayers. 

    How do you move through life? When people see you what do they see? Do they see you as representing King Jesus in your words, attitudes and behaviours? If your answer is yes, then you are being God’s voice as a royal priest. 

    The year 2022 saw the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the reign of England’s Queen Elizabeth. History tells us Princess Elizabeth accepted the mantle of Queen as a young woman with feelings of inadequacy, insecurity and fear. Though an imperfect human being, clarity regarding her identity, “I am royalty” caused her to be a good Queen. So it is with us who are identified as royal representatives of God. Clarity about our identity matters. Clarity affects how our lives speak. Imperfect as we are, we are God’s voice by His assignment. 


    My ambition, O God, is to move through life showing off your goodness, beauty and strength. I am grateful you forgive me when my representation of You is flawed by my weaknesses. Thank you for being my helper along the way! Amen.

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