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BE MY VOICE Series … Part 5 of 5

    “Set an example for others in speech, in lifestyle, in relationships, in faith and in purity.”

    I Timothy 4:11

    It is a compliment to hear, “I admire your diligence!”. Correctly understood, a diligent person has a focus and determination to stick with it until the ‘IT’ is done. The IT we have explored in this series is about letting our life speak. Being the voice of God requires diligence because being diligent matters. 

    Diligence requires will power but will power alone is not enough when it comes to letting our lives speak.God, in speaking through the prophet Zechariah said, “Not by your might, nor by your power but by My Spirit says the Lord”. (Zechariah 4:6) Therein, God provides assurance that what He invites us to do He makes provision for us to actually do it. His invitation to be His voice is not meant to be achieved by our diligence alone. His invitation is to rely on His promised presence. “I will be with you and in you” Jesus said.  (John 14:17)

    The Lockheed Martin F16V fighter jet is the worlds’ most technologically advanced fourth generation multi-role fighter aircraft. On board are more than a half dozen systems necessary for its’ takeoff and landing capabilities, navigation while in flight, collision avoidance, communication and combat capabilities. As a combat vehicle the APG-83 AESA radar system makes detection and tracking of incoming enemy missiles and aircraft possible. Diligence on the part of the pilot and detection on the part of the systems are essential to successful combat missions.

    The mission assigned to us is no different. Our diligence is necessary. We need a guidance system to show us the way to be God’s voice and we need a detection system to alert us to opposition before it stops us from representing God through our words, attitudes and actions. Holy Spirit of God is our guidance and detection system.  


    Holy Spirit I confess my dependence on you for guidance as I navigate my way through life. Thank you for guiding me in the ways of God and for showing me the paths I am to walk. Please know I am determined to follow with diligence. Thank you for elevating my ability to detect opposing forces which threaten to minimize or silence my voice. With your help I will increasingly be a clear and resounding voice through my words, attitudes and behaviors! Amen.


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