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Resiliency Series Part Five

    “I pray that that the eyes of your heart will be opened so that you will know the hope of your  glorious inheritance in Christ.”

    Ephesians 1:18 [Paraphrase] 

    How is inheritance like a lottery? 

    An inheritance is like a lottery, neither are guaranteed and nor are they earned. They are unalike in that  one comes by choice, the other comes by chance. 

    A common understanding of inheritance is something given or passed on to another at the owner’s  death. Inheritance in this sense is future oriented. Parents who have property, money and other such  goods of value may have plans for their heirs to inherit it upon their death.  

    The scriptures speak of followers of Christ as being joint-heirs with Him [Romans 8:17]. Being adopted into the family of God we are promised an inheritance. This inheritance is both future and present. It is  connected to the spiritual blessings available to us because of our relationship with Jesus but an  inheritance available is not an inheritance received. 

    Accessing our inheritance and resiliency are intertwined. As longs as we are in this present world we  hold the keys to unlocking the provision of God for our lives. Think of this as a warehouse in heaven with  your name on it. In the warehouse are resources God makes available as provision for your daily life.  When adversity comes as trials, tough times or temptation permission is granted from God to access  your inheritance. Access is gained by activating the three keys to a resilient lifestyle – faith, trust and  hope!  

    Faith is confident certainty God will come through now or eventually. Trust is confident assurance God is  always acting for our good. Hope is confident expectancy in God’s promises. And so, God has made  provision for us to live a resilient lifestyle; we hold the keys to accessing His provision! The choice is ours.  


    I am grateful for your provision, O God for me to live a resilient life. While adversity’s aim is to defeat  me, my aim is to use it to build me. Thank you for not losing sight of me, ignoring me or abandoning me  in the midst of adversity. Thank you for not leaving me unfinished. Amen! 

    Pass IT On…  

    If this mediation inspired you it may inspire others.

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