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What is the INSIDE OUT Journey?


    Human beings are made to live from the inside out.  My observation is that all leaders have an “innate drive to get to next”. This focus arouses the drive to get to next without consistent regard for who they are now and for who they are becoming. As a result, too many leaders have derailed because of inattention to their inner life. The truth is, in order to get to next a leader must take care of now. Now, requires a leader to form inner strengths increasing capacity to face leadership challenges with resiliency. Next is now!


    Journey is about focus, direction and process. Journey is personal and because it begins on the inside it is hidden. My observation is that human beings are often ensnared by – untruths they have come to believe about God, themselves and others; wounds life has inflicted upon them; and memories of past failures. These snares leave a person feeling helpless and stuck.  A journey of self-discovery toward truth sets a person free.

    The combined symbols of the infinite sign and the arrow represent two important truths. The infinite sign speaks of the never-ending relationship between the inner and the outer domains of a person’s life. The arrow speaks of forward momentum and of “straight arrow” truths connecting the inner and outer domains. The arrow entering the left sphere of the infinite sign represents the first priority – wisdom-based principles shaping the inner life. The arrow exiting the right sphere speaks of the effect strengths-based wisdom produces on outward resilience. Resiliency is the visible ability to choose, to stand, to bounce back and to remain front focused in the midst of life and leadership challenges. 

    “Above all else guard your heart, it is the wellspring of life!”

    King Solomon

    The Bible – Proverbs 4:23