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IOJ Coaching Model…

There is an invitation and a challenge in the Scriptures. The invitation is to move from one kingdom into another. This was the proclamation of Jesus when He repeatedly taught of the Kingdom of God and exemplified what Kingdom living was to look like. “The Kingdom of heaven has come near… follow me.” (Mark 1:15-18). His invitation was not only about moving from the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of light but it was about being transformed in the process. Therein lays the challenge! The challenge is to experience transformation rising and rising again to new heights of spiritual – maturity, authority and capacity. As in mountain climbing rising is not meant to be done alone. Jesus’ design is for rising to happen with a group of others who are curious and eager to ascend.

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Personal Coaching Model – Winning at Life and Leadership

Guided conversations are at the core of the IOJ coaching model. These conversations will be driven by themes important to you and to the dream God holds for your life. Together we will work on helping you develop a better way of observing yourself and the circumstances of your life. We will also discover the necessary actions to take in order for you to get from where you are to where you can be. Just as olympic rowers in their coxed-boats pull on both oars at the same time in order to make progress toward their destination, so it is with you. Pulling on the oars of observation and action creates forward movement toward your destination.

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